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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can differ from person to person, but there are a number of symptoms that are shared among people with alcohol dependency. The severity of withdrawal usually depends upon how severely one has become dependent upon alcohol, how much they would typically consume on a daily basis, as well as the pressure from their environment. We are going to talk about common symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal as well as ways to overcome the physical and mental temptations.

A person who consumes small amounts of alcohol on a short term basis may experience a mild form of withdrawal. The symptoms of mild withdraw include irritability or mood swings, heightened levels of anxiety, trouble getting a restful sleep, a lack of appetite, and sometimes shakiness or fatigue that may be difficult to combat. In a mild situation such as this, the person may actually crave alcohol, but the craving should be controllable.

A person who consumes large amounts of alcohol for a long period of time is likely to experience a heightened level of withdrawal. The craving for alcohol during a serious period of withdrawal may be so severe that the person must physically remove all alcohol from their home to keep from giving into the compulsion to drink. In severe cases, one may be admitted to a treatment facility in order to help them overcome the worst of their withdrawal symptoms because they simply cannot fight the compulsion to drink on their own. This type of withdrawal usually includes severe bodily tremors that are uncontrollable, as well as pupil dilation, hallucinations, high fever, and heart palpitations. Heart palpitations and convulsions can actually lead to death if the correct medical treatment is not administered in time, which is why a rehabilitation facility is probably the best option for someone who is severely dependent on alcohol.

 Studies show that almost half of all alcoholics drink in order to nurse an emotional or mental “wound”. In order to really kick the habit, this “wound” is going to have to be dealt with by means of psychiatric help. Regular sessions with a qualified psychological professional can help to treat the real issue behind a person’s alcoholism, which is a huge portion of the overall battle against alcoholism. In fact, the physical dependency isn’t nearly as difficult to overcome as the mental dependency is.

Support groups can play a huge role in furthering one’s “mental” treatment for alcoholism. Being surrounded by others who are struggling against the same battle can help to strengthen one’s will to fight. Members of these support groups are given a chance to share their struggles with other members, as well as their triumphs. They are encouraged to describe the situation that led to their dependency on drinking, how they realized they needed help, and how they overcame the physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Everyone’s situation is different, and hearing how others have pulled through some seriously difficult times can help bolster others’ resolve against temptation. Sharing triumphs allows other members to see that while overcoming alcoholism is difficult, it is definitely possible.

Overcoming mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms at home is possible, one should never try to overcome a serious alcohol dependency on their own. The severity of these symptoms is so severe that one could die if a medical emergency occurs and professionals are not on-hand. It is very important to seek the help of a hospital or rehabilitation facility to help one through the initial struggle through withdrawal.

As you can see, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal vary quite a lot. If you or a loved one may have an alcohol dependency, it is important to speak to a doctor to determine the severity of the condition before attempting to go through the withdrawal period.

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